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Every business owner has things that they need to run their business - from office supplies and advertising, a company website to fleet vehicle maintenance and more. Needless to say, those expenses add up! What if you could take all of that money spent and put it back in your pocket, while trading your services instead of your cash? You have just entered the world of barter! Read on...<

There are many ways to turn barter into cash. The more you develop your skills as a good "barterpreneur", the better you will be at turning barter into cash. Barter is not just about trading products and services...it serves as a vehicle to open new doors which may not have been available to you before, that end up leading to referral CASH business! Sound interesting? For exam

"Being a part of a barter network has not only allowed us to obtain valuable services on trade, but has also led to an increase in exposure for our company, thus resulting in more cash business."

- Steve S. (Warrenton, VA)
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